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The contribution to creating social value/impact/purpose and stakeholders' engagement I assumed in various roles I held over the past 20 years allowed me time to research, experience, and think through the ethical and organizational requirements for 21st-century public and social services. The elements we played with - social innovation, equitable service design,  preserving digital rights, and creating equitable work practices - shaped my belief that purpose and meaning at work are intentionally created, increased and maintained. At the same time, having the privilege of providing coaching and consulting services to several women-led social enterprises helped me with keeping my thinking rooted in the practicality of "first things first".

My prior professional experiences include academic-level teaching, knowledge management in libraries and community archives, oral history collections, events and conference management, fundraising, advocacy, communication, impact storytelling, and knowledge mobilization. My interest in how we access information in urban and multicultural environments prompted me to contribute to initiatives and advisories addressing the issues of access and censorship. Currently, however, my research is centered around platform economy, purpose at work, and alignment with various global measurement frameworks (BCorp, SDGs, ISO 37000, IDGs). My educational background, on the other side, is in information and environmental sciences (Master's, University of Toronto), linguistics and literature (UNIRI), organizational social purpose development and implementation, and purpose coaching. 

I am rather a passionate collector of eclectic knowledge pieces that contributed to my current theories of why we are falling apart as a society and how we can get back our strength - from more formal pieces such as Change Management, Non-Profit Governance, Fundraising or Harvard Business School Management Certificate (CORe) to others that are social economy or human potential driven such as Social Impact Measurement, Participatory Evaluation, Appreciative Inquire, Yoga and Meditation (Teacher Diploma) I utilize more often through my consulting practice at Dharma Journeys

In all I have been doing, I hope to remain both, curious and hopeful to be able to continue to assist people's incredible potential for humanity and contribution to their communities. I am always happy to have a conversation about your work - what have YOU learned about life and work that helped you to grow more sustainably, how do you maintain your hope and sense of purpose, how do you choose to serve the world? (If interested in chatting please contact me by email)..

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