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When we think bold, salaries are where the bold in non-profit organizations need to happen first.

To be bold could be to have an unwavering, publicly stated commitment to creating decent, stable, competitively paid and reasonably benefited jobs. In return, it is likely that competitiveness will attract competence and the competence will be in a much better position to be creative and innovate...

Not to be defined by what we are not (not for profit), but by what we are (but for social capital), is reaching back to the original narrative that non-profits are partially inhabiting today. We used to be places where creative social solutions existed long before the term social innovation was coined.

Today, naturally, social innovation is not exclusive to non-profits, and it is likely further saturated with new (often opportunistic) entrants. To bring innovation back into the non-profits strategic investment into the original narrative is also needed. Non-profits have no choice but to offer competitively salaried opportunities and look for people with the right mix of government/policy knowledge, social mindfulness and technological savvy skills.

From my blog: "Fortune Favours the Bold: Bold Non-profits and Why They Matter" (2017)